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18/12/2021 : Fabien et Dom

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
Ryuichi SakamotoMerry Christmas Mr LawrencePlaying Piano1983
Azam Ali & Loga R. TorkianSansaar (feat Paul Livingstone )Sansaar2020
Band of RainDaughter of the MoonPetrichor2020
Finally GeorgeBeautifulIcy Skies2021
Isildurs Bane & Peter HammillIn Desiquilibrium Part 1In Desiquilibrium202106/12/2021
Thy CatafalqueKoszontsd a HajnaltVadak202124/10/2021
MarillionBe hard on yourself (1) The Tear in the Big PictureBe hard on yourself2021
LeprousOut of HereAphelion202121/09/2021
NoekkThe Whire Lady 1The Whire Lady2021
CyanFor King and CountryFor King and Country1993
Professor Tip TopThe Quest remainsLanes of Time2021
Ray WilsonI like YouThe Weight of Man2021
RPWLCymbalineGod has failed Live & Personal2021
Cap OutrunIn the Shape of the MasqueradeHigh on Deception2021
ArgosChameleon SkyThe other Life2021

11/12/2021 : Valérie et Luc - Invité Skeptical Minds

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
John MilesYou Have It AllRebel1976
Skeptical MindsThe AwakeningKharon2022
Skeptical MindsDeca-DanceOmega-Thanatos2015
EpicaCry for the MoonOmega Alive2021
Skeptical MindsThe Old ManKharon2022
Skeptical MindsCompassKharon2022
Skeptical MindsReunionKharon2022
Skeptical MindsI Love You ('Coz You're Dead)Rent To Kill2005
Thy CatafalqueZuzmaraVadak202124/10/2021
Skeptical MindsSkeleton KeyRun For Your Live!2014

Cradle of FilthSisters of the MistExistence is Futile2021
Skeptical MindsCocoonKharon2022
Skeptical MindsDesertKharon2022
Skeptical MindsRebelsKharon2022

04/12/2021 : Quentin, Henri-Jean et Dominique

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
JIM PETERIK & WORLD STAGETigressTigress,Women Who Rock The World2021
INGLORIOUSUninvited (Alanis Morisette Cover) Heroine2021
LORDS OF BLACKIn A Different Light  Alchemy Of Souls Part II2021
AD INFINITUMHauntedChapter II, Legacy2021
BEAST IN BLACKOne Night In TokyoDark Connection2021
DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRACelbremos Los InevitableSwagger And Stroll Down The Rabbit Hole2021
LUCIFERNightmareLucifer IV2021
TREMONTIMarching In TimeMarching In Time2021
JANIS JOPLINMe And Bobby Mc Gee  Pearl1971
JANIS JOPLINGet It While You Can  Pearl1971
TERAMAZESon Rise And The Beauty They Percive2021
VOLAStraight Lines  Witness2021
MASTODONThe Crux  Hushed And  Grim2021
DREAM THEATERThe Alien A View From The Top Of The World202130/11/2021
EXISTANCEYou Gotta Rock It  Wolf Attack2021
RUNNING WILDCrossing Blades  Blood On Blood2021
THY CATFALQUEZsarvasVadak202124/10/2021
BILLY IDOLWhite ChristmasHappy Holidays2007

27/11/2021 : Valérie et Luc

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
Big Big TrainRoman StoneGrand Tour201924/07/2019
Big Big TrainWassailFolklore2016
Big Big TrainThe Permanent WayEnglish Electric - Part Two2013
MotorheadKilled by DeathThe Best of1984
MastodonGigantiumHushed and Grim2021
Steve HackettThe Devil's CathedralSurrender of Silence202113/10/2021
MDS (Monnaie de Singe)The Story Ends ThereThe Story of Rose Ola Seks2021
YesSiberian KhatruClose to the Edge2021
LavilliersLe piéton de Buenos-AiresSous un Soleil énorme2021
Chrissie HyndeSweetheart Like YouStanding on the Doorway2021
DjiinWax DollMeandering Soul202108/12/2021
Iron MaidenThe ParchmentSenjutsu202103/10/2021
FruuppGarden LadySeven Secrets1974
Antony KaluginShapeshifterChameleon Shapeshifter2021

20/11/2021 : Dominique et Fabien

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
Echoes and SignalsDarknessMercurial202106/06/2021
The WatchRedThe Art of Bleeding 202126/11/2021
Big Big TrainCommon GroundCommon Ground202112/10/2021
Lee AbrahamCounting down Pt1:your lifeOnly Human 202124/11/2021
Iron MaidenDarkest HourSenjutsu202103/10/2021
AirbagA Day in the Studio-04Promo : A Day in the Studio/ Unplugged2021
Chimpan AThe World through my EyesThe Empathy Machine  2020
Neal Morse BandAnother Story to tellInnocence and Danger 202111/10/2021
Pierre RapsatC'est toujours un mystèreLâchez les Fauves1982
AmarokThe OrbHero202120/12/2021
YesAstral TravellerFrom a Page  2021
PFMMr Non Lo SoI dreamed of electric Sheep 202122/10/2021
Band of RainDaughter of the MoorPetrichor2020
Mostly AutumnFree to FlyGraveyard Star  202102/11/2021
Steve HackettShangai to SamarkandSurrender of Silence  202113/10/2021
Red SandReichenbachThe Sound of seventh Bell 202122/11/2021

13/11/2021 : Valérie et Luc

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
Mostly AutumnThe DiamondGraveyard Star202102/11/2021
Pumpkin FloydOpus 1.5Opus 12021
Al*DenteOskar7 Moons2007
Steve HackettNataliaSurrender of Silence202113/10/2021
ShamblemathsKnucklecogShamblemaths 22021
HawkwindStrange EncountersSomnia202127/10/2021
6:33Holy Golden BonerFeary Tales for Strange Lullabies: The Dome2021
Francis DécampsImmense Envie de CielVie en Positif1990
Iron MaidenThe Writing on the WallSenjutsu202103/10/2021
FruuppAs Day Breaks with DawnFuture Legends1973

06/11/2021 : Dominique et Henri-Jean

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
HOUSTONHeart Of A Warrior IV2021
ECLIPSEThings We Love Wired2021
VEGABring The Riot Anarchy and Unity2021
ANETTE OLZONCatcher Of My Dreams Strong2021
GUS G. Judgement Day Quantum Leap2021
UDOMidnight Stranger Game Over2021
KK'S PRIESTHail Of The Priest Sermons Of The Sinner2021
DoroEast Meet West Triumph And Agony Live 2021
Deep PurpleThe Mule  Fireball1971
Deep PurpleFoolsFireball1971
ARMORED SAINTTribal Dance Symbol Of Salvation Live1971
JEFF SCOTT SOTODon't Let It End The Duets Collection2021
THUNDERLast One Out Turn Off The Lights All The Right Noises2021
STEVE HACKETTThe Devil's Cathedral Surrender Of Silence202113/10/2021
SIXX A.M.RiseHits2021
WICKED SMILELast Goodbye Wait For The Night2021
LOVEBITESThe Crusade Heavy Metal Never Dies Live In Tokyo2021
IRON MAIDENDead Of The Celts Senjutsu202103/10/2021
MAGO DE OZLa Pegatina, Tu Madre Es Una Cabra Bandera Nagra2021

30/10/2021 : Valérie et Luc

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
Agnès BihlLa Chasse aux PapillonsBrassens Chanté Par…2011
Olivia RuizPutain de ToiPutain de Toi - Un Hommage à Georges Brassens2006
LofoforaLes PassantesLes Oiseaux de Passage2001
Vitor HublotLe Temps ne Fait Rien à l'AffaireBrassens Selon Vitor Hublot2011
Georges BrassensSupplique pour être enterré à la plage de SèteSupplique pour être enterré à la plage de Sète1966
LeprousAll the MomentsAphelion202121/09/2021
Zaz - LindemannLe Jardin des LarmesIsa2021
AuriLight and FloodII - Those We Don't Speak Of2021
Anima MundiToward the AdventureJagannath Orbit2008
Zeal & ArdorTrust No OneWake of a Nation2020
AmeeraAetherNew World2021
Frank ZappaThe Torture Never StopsZoot Allures1976
Roger Glover and the Guilty PartyQueen of EnglandSnapshot+2021
TrapezeYour Love is AlrightMedusa1970
Mammoth WVHStoneMammoth WVH2021
Hubert-Félix ThiéfaineCombien de Jours EncoreGéographie du Vide2021
In ExtremoSchenk Nochmal EinKompass Zur Sonne2020
Liminanas/GarnierQue Calor !De Pelicula2021
Todd RundgrenIs It My Name?A Wizard, A True Star1973
Iggy PopLes PassantesAprès2012

23/10/2021 : Quentin, Dom et Henri-Jean

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
HAGALAZ RUNDANCETrigga's WebFrigga's Web2001
AMEERAPrayNew World2021
JOHAN KHILBERG'S IMPERAAll about YouSpirit of Alchemy2021
NICKELBACKAnimalsAll the Right Reasons2005
ALESTORMMexicoNo Grave But the Sea2017
DAN BAUNE'S LOST SANCTUARYLost SanctuaryLost Sanctuary2021
TYGERS OF PAN TANGWordls ApartRitual2019
PROJECT ROENWOLFEPromethiumEdge of Saturn2021
LED ZEPPELINMisty Mountain HopThe Song Remains the Same1971
LED ZEPPELINWhen The Levee BreakLed Zeppelin IV1971
DIAMANTEObviousAmerican Dream2021
DREAMTIDEA Fool's CrusadeDream and Deliver2008
TODD MICHAEL HALLLet Loose TonightSonic Healing2021
WORLD DAMAGEBreath Little AngelInvoke Determination2021
LOST SYMPHONYTake Another PieceChapter III2021
VOKONISHollow WatersOdyssey2021
WILLOW ASHA Witch WindowHypnagogia2020
SYLVATICAPillars Of LightAshes and Snow2021

09/10/2021 : Quentin, Dom et Henri-Jean

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeeProg Censor
STATUS QUOLittle LadyOn the Level1975
DIRTY HONEYThe MorningDirty Honey2021
KISSShout It Out LoudDestroyer1976
AXEL RUDI PELLEagle (Abba cover)Diamonds Unlocked II2021
ESCAPEFire In The SkyFire in the Sky2021
FALSE  MEMORIESThe IllusionistThe Last Night of Fall2021
SEVEN RAVENSBuried AliveBarely Hanging On2021
STORMWINDThe Man Behind The Iron MaskReflections2001
ZZ TOPTushFandango!1975
ZZ TOPTen Dollar ManTejas1975
ZZ TOPViva Las VegasZZ Top - Greatest Hits1992
LEPROUSRunning YouAphelion202121/09/2021
EVERMORETher Court Of The Tyrant KingCourt of the Tyrant King2021
AURIPearl DivingII - Those We Don't Speak Of2021
AMEERAHomeNew World2021
LORD OF THE LOSTJudasJudas2021
SCAR OF THE SUNInertiaInertia2021
ENTHEOGENFade InOther World2020
AUTUMN BRIDEShadowsUndying2021
MISTER MISERYMister HydeA Brighter Side of Death2021
ARTILLERYTurn Up The RageX2021

02/10/2021 : Valérie et Luc

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
PinhdarThe Hour of NowParallel202120/09/2021
Thy CatafalqueMólóVadak2021
Aeon ZenChase the SunriseTransversal202124/09/2021
Nick Cave & Warren EllisOld TimeCarnage2021
LeprousOn HoldAphelion202121/09/2021
Deluge GranderTerrestrial DebridementLunarians202123/02/2021
SylvanOn My OddysseyOne to Zero202122/06/2021
PowerwolfAlive or UndeadCall of the Wild2021
Mr. BungleBungle GrindThe Night They Came Home2021
ImperiaFlower and the SeaThe Last Horizon2021
AmeeraWithin MeNew World2021
Van CantoFaith Focus FinishTo the Power of Eight2021
Rhapsody of FireLa Force de Me BattreI'll Be Your Hero2021
Odessey & OracleLes Poupées MécaniquesCrocorama2020
The Psychedelic FursAsh WednesdayMade of Rain2020
KeorLearning GodTearoom202108/06/2021

25/09/2021 : Valérie, Fabien et Luc

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
Julos BeaucarneCe fléau natif de TournaiL'enfant qui veut vider la mer1999
VolaStone Leader Falling DownWitness2021
Time Haven ClubUntold MemoriesGathered at Dusk202120/07/2021
Less is LessieBlue SteelThe Escape Plan202120/08/2021
EtceteraCharles Unhealthy PicturesFin de Siècle1998
Arno & Sofiane PamartPutain PutainVivre2021
Tribute to Keith EmersonTake a PebbleFanfare For the Uncommon Man2021
Dätcha MandalaStick it OutHara2021
LeprousThe Silent RevelationAphelion202121/09/2021
Frankie & the Witch FingersCaveheadMonsters Eating People Easting Monsters…2021
TarsCooper (Mantra For)90% of Honesty2021
Alain Pire ExperienceIn a DayPurple Skies2021
AmeeraTidalNew World2021
Gérard LanvinCe Monde ImposéIci-Bas2021
Eminence EnsembleNighthawkReal News2021

18/09/2021 : Henri-Jean et Dom

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
NIGHT RANGERCan't Afford A HeroATBPO2021
CRUZHAre You ReadyTropical Thunder2021
GEORGES LYNCHColaSeamless2021
KING KOBRAHungerReady to Strike1985
TRANCEMetal ForcesMetal Forces2021
LONG SHADOW DAWNSteeltownIsle of Wrath2021
MAJESTICEndless AgesMonument2020
LEPROUSNightime DisguiseAphelion202121/09/2021
PORTRAITShadowless At One with None 2021
WARKINGSSparta Part IIRevolution2021
DEE SNIDERIn For The KillLeave a Scar2021
FLOTSAM AND JETSAMThe WallsBlood in the Water2021
BONGZILLAFree The WeedWeedsconsin2021
EVILEIncarceratedHell Unleashed2021

11/09/2021 : Dom et Henri-Jean

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
DEVIN TOWNSENDSupercrushDevolution Series #2: Galactic Quarantine (Live)202108/08/2021
BIG CITYWinds Of The RoadTestify X2021
RIANThe PassengerPatchwork2020
VEXILLUMSons Of A WolfWhen Good Men Go to War2021
IRON MAIDENThe ParchmentSenjutsu2021
TIMO TOLKKI'S AVALONBeautifull LieThe Enigma Birth2021
KING BUFFALOLocustsThe Burden of Restlessness202123/08/2021
FRACTAL UNIVERSEA Clockwork ExpectationThe Impassable Horizon2021
STÖNEREvel Never DiesLive In the Mojave Desert, Vol. 42021
MAJESTICResist On HighMonument2021
MONSTER MAGNETWhen The Wolf SitsA Better Dystopia2021
CANDLEMASSMirror MirrorAncient Dreams1988
KRUKMade  Of StoneBe There2021
FRANKIE AND THE WITCH FINGERSSweet FreakMonsters Eating People Eating Monsters...2020
VANDOREndless SeaOn a Moonlit Night2021
INFINITE AND DIVINEBurn No MoreSilver Lining2021
LETHAL FRIGHTAquatic TreesPast Through the Future (The Desert)2021
REBELIONGods Of WarWe Are the People2021
CIRITH UNGOLHalf And Past HumanHalf And Past Human2021

28/08/2021 : Dom, Henri-Jean et Quentin

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
MURDERDOLLSBlood Stained ValentineWomen & Children Last2010
ZZ TOPJesus Left ChicagoTres Hombres1973
TROUBLEFlowersPlastic Green Head1995
CHARLIE WATTS MEETS THE DANISH RADIO BIG BANDPaint it BlackCharlie Watts Meets The Danish Radio Big Band2017
FOGHATFool For The CityFool For The City1975
HARDLINEWaiting For You AllHeart, Mind and Soul2021
LEE AARONMama Don't RememberRadio On!2021
L.A. GUNSWheels Of FireCocked & Loaded1989
THE DOORSThe ChangelingL.A. Woman1971
THE DOORSCars Hiss By My WindowL.A. Woman1971
YNGWIE MALMSTEENTocattaConcerto Suite for Electric Guitar and Orchestra in E flat minor, Opus 11998
FROST*Day And AgeDay And Age202126/07/2021
MARTA GABRIELCall Of The WildMetal Queens2021
POWERWOLFUndress To ConfessCall Of The Wild2021
EVERGREYLeaden SaintsEscape of the Phoenix2021
DREAM THEATERPeruvian SkiesFalling into Infinity1997

21/08/2021 : Fabien

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
ObsolemNarcisseBetween Scylla and Charybdis202123/06/2021
JadisThere's a LightMedium rare 22020
SagaTired WorldSymmetry202104/05/2021
MobyWhy does my Heart feel so badReprise2021
EvergreyThe Beholder ( feat J. Labrie)Escape of the Phoenix2021
Kjell BraatenVestarvegFerd2020
Lisa Gerrard & Jules MaxwellNoyalainBur,2021
It BitesOh my GodThe Tall Ships2008-2021
AstrakhanWhat You resist will remainA slow Ride towards Death202118/07/2021
Ken's NovelCrowed on SailDomain of Oblivion2003
Tribute to Pink FloydShine on You crazy Diamond 1-5Still wish You were here2021
ELPTankWorks Vol 11977
YesWonderous StoriesGoing for the One1977
Frost*Kill the OrchestraDay and Age202126/07/2021
Pearson Memmott ConspiracyWaiting for the WordsThe Soundtrack to an ordinary Day2020
Esa HolopainenPromising SunSilver Lake2021

14/08/2021 : Val et Luc

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
EpicaSeal of SolomonOmega202106/05/21
TarjaSpirits of the SeaIn the Raw201919/10/20
AmenraDe Evenmens (We Zijn Even Mens)De Doorn2021
Monkey3ArchAstra Symmetry2016
Frost*Island LifeDay and Age202126/07/21
NoetaDawn FallsELM2021
Kristin HershYour GhostHips and Makers1994
Feeling of PresenceVenus TransitOf Lost Illusion2021
OtemeQuando La SeraUn Saluto Alle Nuvole202129/05/21
EvergreyStoriesEscape of the Phoenix2021
PanzerballettPrime TimePlanet Z2020
ObsolemEnter the MazeBetween Scylla and Charybdis202123/06/21
NaryanThe World is Filled With SilenceThe Withering202017/02/21
MilleniumGreedThe Sin202008/02/21

07/08/2021 : Fabien

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
Subterrannean MasqueradeSnake CharmerMountain Fever202105/07/2021
TRK ProjectLord of the FliesBooks that end in Tears202129/06/2021
EvergreyWhere August mournEscape of the Phoenix2021
White Moth Black ButterflyPrayer for RainThe Cost of dreaming2021
GalaadMomentsParadis posthumes202129/04/2021
Djabé & Steve HackettLos EndosThe Journey continues2021
Alain Pire ExperienceOn the other SideLive in Cardigan2020
GenesisCan-utility and the CoastlinersFoxtrot1972
SupertrampFool's OvertureEven in the quietest Moments1977
Jethro TullAqualung'A' 40th anniversary edition2021
Frost*Repeat to the FadeDay and Age202126/07/2021
Godspeed You Black EmperorGovernment came G d's Pee at State's End202115/06/2021
Martin FranssenNeverLockdown2021
MotorpsychoKingdom of OblivionKingdom of Oblivion202112/07/2021

24/07/2021 : Henri-Jean et Dom

CINDERELLANight SongsNight Songs1986
KANSASSong For AmericaPoint of Know Return Live & Beyond2021
HELLOWEENFear Of The FallenHelloween2021
BROTHER AGAINST BROTHERDeadly SinsBrother Against Brother2021
STYXCrash Of The CrownCrash Of The Crown2021
CROWNEPercevalKings in the North2021
THE VINTAGE CARAVANCrystallizedMonuments2021
SONIC HAVENNightmareVagabond2021
BLOODBOUNDEyes Come AliveCreatures Of The Dark Realm2021
BURNING WITCHESThe Circle Of FiveThe Witch of the North2021
HAMMER KINGIn The Name Of The HammerHammer King2021
WITCHBOUNDSea Of SorrowEnd of Paradise2021
ESA HOLOPAINENIn Her SolitudeSilver Lake2021
KLONEThe Dreamer HiddeawayAlive2021
FEAR FACTORYPurityAggression Continuum2021
DYSCORDIAFrom Sight To BackTwin Symbiosis2013
DRAKKARLords Of The NorthX-Rated1988
WARHEADDevil's ChurchThe Day After1986
AT THE GATES Garden Of CyrusThe Nightmare Of Being2021
VELVET VIPERLong ShadowsCosmic Healer2021
FLOTSAM AND JETSAMThe WallsBlood in the Water2021

17/07/2021 - Val et Luc

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
CiccadaNo Man's LandHarvest2021
CastBlack Ashes and Black BoxesVigesimus2021
ExanimisThrone of ThornsMarionnettiste2021
Bend the FutureAs We ParryWithout Notice202030/05/21
Les Duponts électriquesRoule Bébé RouleLes Duponts électriques2020
Esa HolopainenSentimentSilver Lake2021
Manic MayaNobody's the SaviourHelmet202107/05/21
The Pretty RecklessMy BonesDeath by Rock and Roll2021
VulkanBewildering Conception of TruthTechnatura202107/03/21
AmenraHet GlorenDe Doorn2021
KloneSilver GateAlive2021
The Vintage CaravanClarityMonuments2021
SparksSo May We StartAnnette2021
Rodolphe BurgerWaiting For My ManThis Is a Velvet Underground Song That I'd Like to Sing2011
Lisa Gerrard & Jules MaxwellOrion (The Weary Huntsman)Burn2021

10/07/2021 : Dom, Henri-Jean et Quentin

JUDAS PRIESTNever SatisfiedRocka Rolla1974
WARLORDWinds Of ThorRising Out of the Ashes2002
LUCIFERS FRIENDRide The SkyLucifer's Friend1970
THE DOORSRiders Of The StormL.A. Woman1971
ONE DESIREHurtOne Desire2017
ISSAThe Way OutQueen Of Broken Hearts2021
TRUCKER DIABLOThe TradeTail End of a Hurricane2021
GILBY CLARKERock'n Roll Is Getting OverRock'n Roll Is Getting Over2020
ELECTRIC BOYSSuper GodUpside Down2021
THUNDERMOTHERDriving In StyleHeat Wave2020
THE ROLLING STONESCan You Hear My KnockingSticky Fingers1971
THE ROLLING STONESMoonlight MileSticky Fingers1971
MANESKINIn Nomine Del PadreTeatro D'Ira - Vol.I2021
WIG WAMCall Of The WildNever Say Die2021
MAMMOTH WVHDon't Back DownMammoth WVH2021
BILLY F GIBBONSShuffle Step & RideHardware2021
THE VINTAGE CARAVANWhispersMonuments2021
ESA HOLOPAINENPromising SunSilver Lake2021
BLACKBERRY SMOKEMorning SideYou Hear Georgia2021
BLACK SABBATHHole In The SkySabotage1975

03/07/2021 : Val et Luc - Invité Pierre Stival pour son livre "Une caravane attachée à une Ford Taunus"

Pink FloydPigs (Three Different Ones)Animals1977
Pink FloydMotherThe Wall1979
SupertrampSchoolThe Very best of…1974
The NitsThe SwimmerIn the Dutch Mountains1987
R.E.M.BlueCollapse Into Now2011
Esa HolopainenFading MoonSilver Lake2021
Peter GabrielGames Without FrontiersIII1980
GuccioIce of Angel's EyesLink2015
The DoorsCrawling King SnakeL.A. Woman1971
BathernayRunAlpha Beta Gamma2019
The Vintage CaravanDark TimesMonuments2021

26/06/2021 : Fabien et Dom

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
CaligonautMagnified as GiantsMagnified as Giants202122/04/2021
Final ConflictA Clockwork EchoThe Rise of the Artisan202022/06/2020
Esa HolopainenSentimentSilver Lake2021
Ave SangriaEM OrbitaVendavais2019
La Stanza delle MaschereLa Casa dalle Finestre che RidonoLa Stanza delle Maschere202117/05/2021
Mariusz DuzdaLemon flavoured StarsClaustrophobic Universe202118/11/2021
Great Pacific OrchestraWay back HomeFragile Things2019
 King Gizzard & the Lizard WizardYoursButterfly 30002021
Inner OdysseyOverhangingThe Void202015/10/2020
White Moth Black ButterflyPrayer for RainThe Cost of Dreaming2021
PanzerpapaBelgerisk ImprovSummarisk Suite201904/06/2019
GuccioIce of Angel's EyesLink2015
Djabe & Steve HackettTears for PeaceThe Journey continues ( Live )2021
Richard BarbieriFlare 2 Under a Spell202103/08/2021
Jane Getter PremonitionAlien RefugeeAnomalia202113/05/2021
StyxA MonsterCrash of the Crown202110/09/2021
KansasCarry on Wayward SonPoint of know Return Live and beyond202104/11/2021

19/06/2021 : Valérie et Luc - Spéciale Belge

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
Neptunian MaximalisTo the Earth: Nganga (Grand guérisseur magique de l'ère Probocène)Aeons2020
Polyphonic SizeAction ManThe Prime Story1982
Vitor HublotLa Mauvaise RéputationBrassens selon Vitor Hublot2011
Paranoïd GrillAscetic MelodyIII Steps… One Way2009
MingawashInfection CérébralePandi Panda * Panda Pendu2012
The Pi ProjectAfter the AtomAfter the Atom2003
La Stanza delle MascherePresenzaLa Stanza delle Maschere202017/05/21
TelexDear Prudence2021
The AbeliansTwo ShadowsThe Abelians2014
La MouscailleJBLes Cannes Blanches1997
Nil ObstatLa FourmiSur une Ligne, éparpillés…2004
Jane Getter PremonitionStill HereAnomalia202113/05/21
NowBack to the SilenceDeep1992
Sébastien BoutryC'est Toujours un Mystère
Fading BlissChant de RuinesFrom Illusion to Despair2013
Thee Marvin GaysIron MaidenIt's easier to be Dumb2012
Hank HarryHot SummerFar from Clever2003
Moaning CitiesSex SellsD. Klein2016

12/06/2021 - Henri-Jean et Dom

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
WeezerBlue DreamVan Weezer2021
FMThe Dream That DiedTough It Out1989
SEVENTH CRYSTALTime To Let GoDelirium2021
Evanescence Take CoverThe Bitter Truth2021
Myles KennedyIn StrideThe Ides Of March2021
DeWolffRoll Up The RiseWOLFFPACK2021
Robin McAuleyLike a GhostStanding on the Edge2021
Save The WorldCamera ObscuraTwo2021
SunbombStronger Than BeforeEvil And Divine2021
Jane Getter PremonitionDisappearAnomalia202113/05/21
Esa HolopainenRay Of LightSilver Lake2021
AmorphisMy KanteleElegy1996
TeramazeTake Your ShotSorella Minore2021
Marco Garau's Magic OperaKeepers Of The NightThe Golden Pentacle2021
Skarlett RiotBlack CloudInvicta2021
VolaStraight LinesWitness2021
LindemannAllesfresserF & M2019
La Stanza Delle MaschereL'Alchimista ScultoreLa Stanza Delle Maschere202017/05/21
Bloody HammersNight Of The WitchSongs Of Unspeakable Terror2021
Band of SpiceMidnight BloodBy the Corner of Tomorrow2021

05/06/2021 : Dom et Henri-Jean

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
Temple BallsHeart of a WarriorPyromide2021
MustaschContagiousA Final Warning - Chapter 12021
Michael SweetLive AgainBorn Again2021
WheelAfter AllPreserved in Time2021
Icon of SinVirtual EmpireIcon of Sin2021
Greta Van FleetCaravelThe Battle at Garden's Gate202127/05/2021
ImperiaBlindfoldedThe Last Horizon2021
The Vintage CaravanDark TimesMonuments2021
AvalandWar Of MindsTheater Of Sorcery2021
Poverty’s No CrimeSchizophrenicA Secret to Hide2021
Jane Getter PremonitionKryptoneAnomalia202113/05/21
GojiraHold OnFortitude2021
BatushkaPrism 1Service Funéraire2021
DvneCourt Of The MatriarchEtemen Ænka2021
The Lion's DaughterNeon TeethSkin Show2021
WolfchantWolkenheerOmega: Bestia2021
La Stanza Delle MaschereIl Vechio TheatroLa Stanza Delle Maschere202117/05/21
BewitcherMystifier (White Night City)Cursed Be Thy Kingdom2021
Bodom After MidnightPaint The Sky In BloodPaint The Sky In Blood2021
Lamb of GodMemento MoriLamb of God2020