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17/12/2022 : Carinne, Fabien et Dominique

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
Angelo BadalamentiFallingTwin Peaks ( soundtrack from )1990
Roger WatersComfortably NumbThe Lockdown Sessions2022
AntimatterNo ContactA Profusion of Thoughs2022
CollageOn empty HandOver and Out2022
PendragonDuneFallen Dreams And Angels And All The Loose Ends2022
Knight AreaPeace of MindD-Day II – The final Chapter2022
EvershipCoronationThe uncrowned King-Act 2202216/12/2022
CosmografRegretful RefrainHeroic Materials2022
Ken's NovelMirror ManDomain of Oblivion2003
CamelFor TodayA Nod and a Wink2002
SignsZero GravityUchronia2022
Knight AreaCrossroadsD-Day II – The final Chapter2022
King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardAstroturfChanges2022

10/12/2022 : Valérie et Luc

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
AdventureLaPorte MortTales of Bell - Part 2-Unveiled by Fire202221-10-22
Midnight OilThe Barka-Darling RiverResist2022
PixiesThunder and LightningDoggerel2022
FrayleStarsSkin & Sorrow2022
Anthony KaluginComing HomeRebirth202204-10-22
BjörkSorrowful SoilFossora2022
John HoldenXenosKintsugi2022
Midnight OilNobody's ChildResist2022
Hangman's ChairAn Ode to BreakdownA Loner2022
Knight AreaThe Enemy WithinD-Day II-The Final Chapter2022
SepticFleshModern PrimitivesModern Primitive2022
ManticoreThe AnswearNext Step: Flight 192018
GalahadBlood, Skin and BoneThe Last Great Adventurer2022
Glass HammerSnowblind GirlAt The Gate2022
Devin TownsendCelestial SignalsLightwork2022
Shall We FallBeginning of HopeNadja2022
G.O.L.E.M.The Man From the Emerald MineGravitationnal Objects of Light, Energy and Mysticism202230-09-22
Knight AreaThe DreamD-Day II-The Final Chapter2022
Hangman's ChairCold a Distant
A Loner2022

03/12/2022 : Dominique, Jean-Yves et Quentin

Fleetwood Mac Little Lies Tango in the night 1987
Copperhead County Dreams of the Sound Homebound 2022
Alter Bridge Pawns and Kings Pawns and Kings 2022
Rocky Mountain Roller Automations in the sky Haywire 2022
Joe Lynn Turner Don’t Fear the Dark Belly of the Beast 2022
Stevie Wonder Superwoman Music of my Mind1972
Stevie Wonder Sweet Little Girl Music of my Mind1972
Floor Jansen Slow Love Slow live in Amsterdam 2022
Silver Dose HeadlinesSlander 2022
Riverside Self Aware Identity2022
DartagnanWein & Wahreit Felsenfest 2022
Snowy White Fresh Water Driving on the 44   2022
Igmo Head on Fire Take it Over 2022
Metallica Lux Eterna 72 Seasons2022
Aisa Warriors of Metal Join me to metal 2022
Marillion Fugazy Fugazy 1984

26/11/2022 : Valérie et Luc

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
Thierry Zaboitzeff - Art ZoydCérémonies parts 1-2-350 ans de musique(s)1983
Edita Braun & Thierry ZaboitzeffKomba50 ans de musique(s)1997
Thierry Zaboitzeff & CrewLibera Me50 ans de musique(s)2004
BrymirHerald of AegirVoices in the Sky2022
Ruben BlockTripping DownLooking To Glide2022
ARDBanner of the SaintTake up my Bones2022
ArenaPure of HeartThe Theory of Molecular Inheritance202210-10-22
Crippled Black PhoenixThe ReckoningBanefyre202201-11-22
Ozzy OsbourneMr. DarknessPatient Number 92022
CrowbarChemical GodzZero and Below2022
Giant SkyBreaking PatternsGiant Sky202228-07-22
Wind RoseArmy of StoneWarfront2022
NitsThe WeaverNeon2021
Dirty ShirtHot For SummerGet Your Dose Now!202203-09-22
Anderes HolzSifrContinuo202201-10-22
Banco del Mutuo SoccorsoNon Mi Spaventa Piu L'AmoreOrlando: Le Forme dell' Amore2022
EpicaSirens - Of Blood and WaterThe Alchemy Project2022
GoatBlow the HornsOh Death2022
Lobate ScarpBeautiful LightYou Have It All2022
Les InconnusFlorent BrunelBouleversifiant!1991

19/11/2022 : Carinne, Dominique, Jean-Yves, Henri-Jean et Quentin

Hawkwind D-Rider Hall of the Mountain Grill 1974
Superdownhome Like a Rage in the See Blues Pyromaniacs2022
Avantasia Welcome to the Shadows A Paranormal evening ...2022
House of Lords Dreamin’it allSaints and Sinners 2022
The Electric AlleyFireworks Apache2022
White Coven Summer Groove White Coven 2022
The WhoWon’t get Fool Again Live in Kingston2000
Isaac Hayes Theme from Shaft Shaft1971
Ellefson/Soto Rise to Win Vacation in the Wonderworld 2022
Dead City Ruins Preacher Shock Wave 2022
Devin Townsend Celestial Signals Lightwork2022
Ozzy Osbourne Nothing feels Right Patient Number 9 2022
Kings of Mercia Set the World on Fire Kings of Mercia 2022
The Southern Pilots Badass Nation Southern Shuffle 2022
Alpha MountainIt’s up to you Alpha Mountain 2022
A-Z The far side of the Horizon A-Z 2022
Simple Minds Wondertimes Direction of the heart 2022
Iron Maiden To Tame a Land Piece of Mind 1983

12/11/2022 : Carinne, Dominique, Quentin et Jean-Yves

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
Nazareth Loved and lost Rampant1974
ZZ Top Brown Sugar Raw2022
Queensryche ForestDigital Noise Alliance 2022
Sammy Hagar and the Circle Crazy Times Crazy Times 2022
NemoPhileas partie 3 Luna Les Nouveaux Mondes202220/10/2022
David BowieMoonage DaydreamThe Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars1972
David BowieRock and Roll SuicideThe Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars1972
Ethereal Sky MirrorsAscent2022
Scarlet Dorn FallingQueen of Broken Dreams 2022
MGTMTime to PretendOracular Spectacular 2007
Pink FloydAnother Brick in the Wall, part 2 A Delicate Sound of Thunder2019
Sons of Liberty Damaged Reputation Aces and Fights 2021
Scream Taker Kill the Beautiful Kill the Beautiful 2022
Ozzy Osbourne Degradation Rules Patient Number 9 2022
Troy Redfren Come OnThe Wings of Salvation 2022
Zak Brown Band Out in the Middle The comeback 2022
ScorpionsFly to the Rainbow Fly to the Rainbow 1974
Pat Travers NathalieThe Art of Time Travel 2022
Freedom Hawk Take all you can Take all you can 2022

05/11/2022 : Carrine, Dominique et Fabien

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
ProportionsThe Forest1022 PI/YC The Odd Land of Nod2022
The OrkDeadly BiteScreamnasium2022
TherionLitany of the FallenLeviathan II2022
VenusI'm the OceanThe Man who was already dead2000
GalahadOmega LightsThe last great Adventurer2022
The BackstageSome skunk BluesIsolation2020
EfHymn of ...We salute You, You and You202207/11/2022
EvershipThe PilgrimageThe uncrowned King Act 12021
Ozzy OsbournePatient Number 9Patient Number 92022
ZaKraheIf a Tree fallsIf a Tree falls2022
Jethro TullMinstrel in the GalleryMinstrel in the Gallery1975
Pink FloydEchoes part 1Live at Pompeï, 50th Anniversary Edition2022
Giant SkyThe further We go the deeper it getsGiant Sky202228/07/2022
Red Beans & Pepper SauceNo Cross roadsMechanic Marmalade2022

29/10/2022 : Valérie et Luc

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
T.C. MaticViva BoemaT.C. Matic1981
EvergreyMindwinter CallsA Heartless Portrait - The Orphean Testament2022
My Sleeping KarmaMuktiAtma2022
The SmileA HairdryerA Light for Attracting Attention2022
Amon AmarthOden Owns You AllThe Great Heathen Army2022
Arch EnemyIn the Eye of the StormDeceivers2022
Final LightIt Came With the WaterFinal Light2020
EpicaConsign to OblivionLive at Paradiso2022
RobertRequiem Pour une Sœur PerdueCelle Qui Tue2002
Ghalia VoltCan't EscapeOne Woman Band2021
Corvus CoraxLá í mBealtaineEra Metallium2022
Mental FractureGoodbye ForeverDisaccord202221/09/2022
NaxatrasThe Battle of Crystal FieldsIV2022
TherionLunar Coloured FieldsLeviathan II2022
TherionPazuzuLeviathan II2022

22/10/2022 : Carinne, Fabien et Dominique

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
GlasshammerStanding at the Gate (of Zagzagel)At the Gate2022
Pattern Seeking AnimalsSaid the StrangerOnly passing through202201/06/2022
ArenaField of SinnersThe Theory of molecular Inheritance202210/10/2022
Tim Bowness & Giancarlo ErraBefore we fallMemories of Machines2022
RammsteinArmee der TristenZeit2022
CosmografBritish madeHeroic Materials2022
Jonas Lindberg & The other SideOceans of TimeMiles from nowhere202218/05/2022
David LongdonForgive ( but not forget )Door One2022
PebblesThe rising SunThe rising Sun1971
Big big TrainWassailSummer shall not fade-Live at Lorelei2022
Michael SchenkerRock BottomTemple of Rock2012
The Samurai of ProgDead or aliveThe Spaghetti Epic 42022
The TangentWasted SoulSongs from the hard Shoulder202221/06/2022
Pierpaolo BibboLa canzone dei non sopravvissutiRazza humana2021
CyrilArrivalAmenti's Coin Secret Place Part 2202202/06/2022

15/10/2022 : Valérie et Luc

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
ArnoMon Grand-PèreOpex2022
MagmaIrena BalladinaKärtel2022
The GatheringStrongerInterference2022
Moon ToothO My IslePhototroph2022
MuseWe are Fucking FuckedWill of the People2022
Corvus CoraxBéowulf is mín namaEra Metallium2022
RammsteinDicke TittenZeit2022
BattleloreElvenkingThe Return of the Shadow2022
B Â 'AUrbi et Orbi ClamantEgregore2022
GrandvalIl Neige EncoreEau | Feu202204/04/2022
SylvaineI Close my Eyes So I Can SeeNova202217/07/2022
Tony MartinBook of ShadowsThorns2022
BabokalypsSOSVelky Voz2017
EnneadeIlluminationWithered Flowers and Cinnamon202228/06/2022
LustreThirstA Thirst for Summer Rain2022
AdventureToo FarTales of Belle Part I - Across the Oceans202225/04/2022
EpicaCry for the MoonLive at Paradiso2022

08/10/2022 : Henri-Jean, Dominique et Quentin

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
DEVILS TRAINAshes and Bones Ashes and Bones 2022
MAD MAXDays of PassionWings of Time2022
MEGADETHDogs of ChernobylThe Sick, The Dying and The Dead2022
KING'S XSwipe UpThree Sides of One2022
OZZY OSBOURNENo Escape From Now Patient Number 92022
YESYour is No DisgraceThe Yes Album1971
YESThe Clap The Yes Album1971
RAMMSTEINZick Zack Zeit2022
TRIBULATIONThe Dhampir The Dhampir 2022
BLIND GUARDIAN Secrets of the American Gods The God Machine2022
SOILWORKNous Sommes la Guerre Overgivenheten2022
SYLVAINENowhere Still SomewhereNova202217/07/2022
ARCH ENEMYSpreading Black WingsDeceivers2022
OSTROGOTHNo Risk Taken The Last Tribe2015

01/10/2022 : Carinne, Dominique et Jean-Yves

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
Andy Mc CoyTake me i'm yoursTake me i'm yours2022
TrustSalaud d'pauvre?Propaganda2022
Bad Luck FridayRebel with a causeBad Luck Friday2022
King Colliderget it onHeading Out2022
Björn RiisDark Shadows part 1A Fleeting Glimpse2022
Porcupine Treeof the new dayClosure / Continuation202225/07/2022
Suzy QuatroCan the canCan the can1973
Suzy QuatroIf you can give the loveIf You Knew Suzi...1978
Voltagehow lucky am iIt’s about Time2020
Mythic SunshipAuroraLight/Flux2022
Red Beans & Pepper Saucelock you downHot & Spicy2015
MezzoaDunes of MarsDunes of Mars2022
The HuThis is MongolRumble of Thunder2022
LovecraftBad Cannabis
Musewon't stand down Will of the People2022
SupertrampBrother Where you DownBrother Where You Bound1985

17/09/2022 : Valérie et Luc - Spéciale Amélie Nothomb

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
CrétonnerreAmelie CanonTempête en Mare2004
Pierre RapsatOn Existe... EncoreDazibao2001
RobertNitroglycérineCelle qui tue2002
RobertL'appel de la succubePrincesse de rien2000
Zeal & ArdorDevil is FineDevil is Fine2016
System of a DownRouletteSteal this Album2002
Marylin MansonThe NobodiesHoly Wood2000
Pattern-Seeking AnimalsHere With You With MeOnly Passing Through202201/06/2022
AmenraA Solitary ReignMass VI2017
Rage Against the MachineKilling in the NameRage Against the Machine1992
PusciferThe Green ValleyConditions of My Parole2011
A Perfect CircleEat the ElephantEat the Elephant2018
SKÁLDÓ ValhallaLe Chant des Vikings2021
Soft CellTainted LoveMemorabilia - The Singles1981
Led ZeppelinStairway to HeavenLed Zeppelin IV1971

10/09/2022 : Fabien

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
Acute MindDaddyUnder the empty Sky202025/03/2021
HällasStar RiderExcerpts from a future Past2017
Lucy GoochStalagmites & HelictitesRushing EP2022
VangelisAsk the MountainsVoices1995
Red BazarNothing leftThings as they appear201905/09/2019
DeusPut the Freaks up frontThe ideal Crash1999
The Ancestry ProgramMore to thisTomorrow2019
Nordic GiantsSpheresSymbiosis2022
StrangefishUp to YouThe Spotlight Effect2018
Pattern Seeking AnimalsMuch AdoOnly passing through202201/06/2022
Single Celled OrganismDoubtsPercipio Ergo Sum202102/06/2021
ShumaunUnder the SunMemories & Intuition2021
Steven WilsonKing of the Delta BluesUnreleased Electronic Music2018
Confusion FieldClose CallDisconnected Complete2021
Tony KayeBattle CryEnd of Innocence2021
HFMCShaken and stirredWe are the Truth202128/02/2022
Legacy PilotsBetter DaysThe Penrose Triangle202110/01/2022
Liquid Sound CompanyMahayugaPsychoactive Songs for the Psail2021

03/09/2022 : Carinne, Dominique, Jean-Yves et Henri-Jean

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
SUNSTORMMiracle Brothers in Arms2022
GENERATION RADIOTime to Let GoGeneration Radio2022
VENUS 5Bury me Venus 52022
RONNIE ROMEROGypsy (Uriah Heep cover) Raised On Radio2022
KING CRIMSON21 st Schizoid Man In the Court of the Crimson King1969
QUEENThe March of the Black QueenQueen II1974
NEW HORIZONCall the Underground New Horizon2022
VANDEN PLASChrist OLive & Immortal2022
WHITE SPIRITWait a Little Longer Right of Wrong2022
PATTERN SEEKING ANIMALSSaid the Stranger Only Passing Trough202201/06/2022
MUSEMuscle MuseumHullabaloo2002
GLORIA GAYNORI Will SurviveI Will Survive1978
DEEP PURPLEPictures of Home Bombey Calling, Live 952022
STRAYAfter the Storm Live In Yer Face2002
DEAD LORDI Staden Som Aldrig Slumrar TillDystopia2022
SAINTS'N'SINNERSAs Above so BelowRise of the Alchemist2022

27/08/2022 : Carine, Dominique, Henri-Jean, Jean-Yves et Quentin

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
GRIM REAPERWrath of the RipperReaping the Whirlwind2022
CLOVEN HOOFTokyo KnightsTime Assassin2022
QUARTZEvil Lies In the Edge of Tomorrow2022
STEELOVERNever before Stainless2022
ELIMINATORGodesss of life Ancient Light2022
SERIOUS BLACKSoul Divider Vengeance is Mine2022
PINK FLOYDFearless Meddle1971
PINK FLOYDSeamus Meddle1971
SINNERReach Out Brotherhood2022
JORNDead London Over the Horizon Radar2022
JOURNEYTogether We Run Freedom2022
VEGAEnd of the Fade Anarchy Unity2022
INGLORIOUSWe Will Ride Live at Phoenix2022
FLEESHSometimes You Can't Make it on Your OwnFleesh 32021
10 CCDreadlock HolidayBloody Tourists1978
PURE REASON REVOLUTIONScream Sideways Above Circus202227/06/2022
SECRET RULEUnlovable The Resilient2022
ZERO HOURTechnocracy Agenda 212022
BLACK EYEThe Landing Black Eye2022

13/08/2022 : Fabien

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
Knight AreaThe Enemy withinD Day 2 – The final Chapter2022
KyrosThe Lamb, the Badger & the BeeCelexa Streams2021
Tiger Moth TalesRapa NuiA Song of Spring2022
Raven SadThe Sadness of the RavenThe Leaf and the Wing202128/04/2021
Beyond the LabyrinthWingsXXV202109/01/2022
Port NoirEmerald GreenCuts2022
NektarThe OneSilent Skies2022
SkaldJolanottWinter Songs EP2021
YesAwakenLive at the Apollo2018
Pure Reason RevolutionCruel DeliveranceAbove Cirrus202227/06/2022
Finally GeorgeIcy SkiesIcy Skies202118/01/2022
Tangerine DreamPara GuyProbe 6-82021
Andrew RoussakCrossing the LineCrossing the Line202130/03/2022
LacrimosaLiebe über LebenLeidenschaft2021
Von Hertzen BrothersElbowedRed Alert in blue Forest2022

06/08/2022 : Valérie et Luc

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
Giant SkyNo Canceling ThisGiant Sky202228/07/2022
AmAndALe Faux éveilQui est Amanda ?2002
LazuliLe Repas de l'OgreEn Avant Doute…2006
AmAndAVoilàLa Maison de Flore2007
Deep PurpleMistreatedBurn1974
AngeBallade Pour une OrgieAu-delà du Délire1974
Black River SonsWheels of FortunePoison Stuff2019
Pure Reason RevolutionOur PrismAbove Cirrus202227/06/2022
KnekklectricAngra PaAlt Blir Verre202107/06/2022
TranzatMy Dear WasherOuh La La2022
Imperial AgeTo Mega TherionSongs of Power2022
Church of the Cosmic SkullOne More StepThere is No Time2022
La Fin de la Société Telle Que Nous la ConnaissonsBombekLa Fin de la Société Telle Que Nous la Connaissons2017
PanemFace TomorrowZeitgeist / Absolute Monopoly202119/02/2021
Alex CarpaniPrime NumbersMicrocosm202220/06/2022
AlunahDead Woman WalkingStrange Machine2022
AmAndADes Choses équivalentesLa Maison de Flore2007

16/07/2022 : Dominique et Henri-Jean

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
JourneyDon't Give Up On UsSingle2022
RONNIE ATKINSRising Tide Make It Count2022
THE BIG DEALLady of the Night First Bite2022
ICONICSecond Skin Second Skin 2022
TED NUGENTBorn in the Motor City Detroit Muscle2022
SATANLucifericEarth Infernal2022
TOKYO BLADEI Am Unbroken Fury2022
AUDREY HORNEDevil's BellDevil's Bell2022
THE HELLACOPTERSCan It Wait Eyes of Oblivion2022
SYMPHONITYCrimson Silk  Marco Polo, The Metal Soundtrack2022
CIVIL WARSoldiers And Kings Invaders2022
SHAMANWhat If ? Rescue2022
SECRET RULEWelcome to Hell Mea culpa2021
SECRET SPHEREThe Scars That You Can't SeeLiveblood-The Studio session2022
PURE REASON REVOLUTIONLucid Above Circus202227/06/2022
CHARLIE GRIFFITHSArctic Cemetary Tiktaalika 2022
PORCUPINE TREERats Return Closure / Continuation202225/07/2022
MAGICAYou Should Have Run Luna Nebuna2022
ZERO HOURTechnocracy Agenda 212022

09/07/2022 : Valérie et Luc

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
Fairy TaleWise Men Keep SilentThat is the Question202110/06/2022
Herd of InstinctPavement GreyIncantation2019
Neon HeartFâr ta tidYtan202125/02/2022
HalestormStrange GirlBack From the Dead2022
Visions of AtlantisMaster the HurricanePirates2022
Lili RefrainAhi TapuMana2022
Trobar de MorteHelvengenThe Book of Shadows2020
Mellano SoyocDragonAlive2022
Pure Reason RevolutionNew Kind of EvilAbove Cirrus202227/06/2022
Rolling StonesComing Down AgainGoats Head Soup1973
Bernard LavilliersAttention FragileO Gringo1980
MindgamesRoyalty in JeopardyActors in A Play2006
Shiva the DestructorSummer of LoveFind the Ohers202105/02/2022
ByrolStein På SteinByrjing2022
CauchemarRouge SangRosa Mystica2022
Öxxö Xööx9C639Ÿ2019
Somali Yacht ClubGoldThe Space2022

02/07/2022 : Valérie et Luc

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
RenaudLa TendresseMétèque2022
Lana LaneUnder the Big SkyNeptune Blue2022
Von Hertzen BrothersElbowedRed Alert in the Blue Forest2022
Los BitchosChange of HeartLet the Festivities Begin!2022
LaibachMedea MaterialWir Sind Das Volk2022
Glass HammerSellswordSkallagrim - Into the Breach202101/02/2022
Francis Décamps - Pascal GutmanSi J'étais le MessieBien Au-delà du Délire202201/07/2022
Dätcha MandalaJanisThe Last Drop2022
RammsteinDicke TittenZeit2022
SlashThe River is Rising42021
TyrBy the Sword in my HandA Night at the Nordic House2022
Pure Reason RevolutionDead ButterflyAbove Cirrus202227/06/2022
The GatheringGroundedBeautiful Distortion2022
Chromb!La Souvenance d'AchilleLe Livre des Merveilles202019/07/2020
TrollfestAll Drinks On MeFlamingo Overlord2022
MänegarmEn Snara Av GuldYnglinggaätens Öde2022
City WeezleMaestro MafiosoN° 2202201/05/2022
PlaceboSad White ReggaeNever Let Me Go2022

25/06/2022 : Carinne, Dominique et Henri-Jean

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
SKILLSNeed To Fall Different Worlds2022
NIGHT DEMONAre You out There Year of the Demon2022
ENVY OF NONEDogs Life Envy of None2022
COHEED AND CAMBRIAShoulders Vaxis- Act 2: A Widow of the Waking Mind2022
TRANZATLobster Beaujolais Ouh La La2022
ARETHA FRANKLINRespect I Never Loved a Man The Way I Love You1967
ARETHA FRANKLINI Say a Little Prayer Aretha Now1968
ARETHA FRANKLIN(You Make Me Feel  Like) A Natural Woman Lady Soul1968
EVIL INVADERSIn Deepest Black Shatering Reflection2022
MICHAEL ROMEODestroyer War of the Words Pt22022
SCORPIONSShoot For Your Heart Rock Believer2022
AMORPHISWhen the Gods Came Halo2022
FER DE LANCEThe Mariner The Hyperborean2022
ANVILAnother Gun Fight Impact is Imminent2022
RAGEThe Age of Reason Ressurestion day2022
THE POLICESynchronicitySynchronicity1983
PRINCEPurple Rain Live From Syracuse2022
JONAS LINDBERG & THE OTHER SIDEOceans of Time Miles From Nowhere202218/05/2022
ARMORYJourney Into Infinity Mercurion2022

18/06/2022 : Spéciale Rapsat avec Sébastien Boutry d'Electrolyte

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
Pierre RapsatGalerie des Pas Perdus - Live 87J'aime ça1986
ElectrolyteNouveau Monde
LaurelieRemember RonnieLaurelie1970
Jeanne-Marie SensL'enfant du 92èmeLes plus belles chansons1991
ScalaL'enfant du 92èmeDu bleu dans les nuages2012
Jonas Lindberg & the Other SideAstral JourneyMiles From Nowhere202218/05/2022
Jenghiz KhanThe LighterWell Cut1970
ElectrolyteOù vas-tu tous les soirs?
LaurelieSad StoneLaurelie1970
ElectrolytePassagers de la nuit 
Pierre RapsatLe Plat PaysJardin Secret2004
Johan VerminnenAlle dromen zijn van onsDazibao 20 ans2022
ScorpionsShoot For Your HeartRock Believer2022
ElectrolyteComment cesse-t-on d'aimer
Pierre Rapsat / LioTout le monde veut y croireDazibao 20 ans2022
MauraneJardin secretDazibao 20 ans2022
Pierre RapsatLes MachinesJe suis moi1977
Pierre RapsatUn cœur qui se batDazibao 20 ans2022

11/06/2022 : Dominique et Henri-Jean

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
BON JOVIHomebound TrainNew Jersey1988
DEF LEPPARDTake What You WantDiamond Star Halos 2022
FMShaking the Tree Thirteen2022
TREATJesus From Hollywood The Endgame2022
JAMES LABRIEHit Me Like a Brick Beautiful Shade of Grey2022
JONAS LINDBERG & THE OTHER SIDEWhy I'm Here Miles From Nowhere202218/05/2022
OLIVIER WAELKENSLe Temps Qui Lasse Mélancoolismes2022
THUNDERAll the Way Dopamine2022
SCORPIONSRoots in My BootsRock Believer2022
BLACK SWANCrown Generation Mind2022
JEFF SCOTT SOTOLove is the Revolution Complicated2022
HITTENLight Beyond the Darkness Triumph & Tragedy2021
SABATONThe Unkillable Soldier The War to the End of All Wars2022
AXEL RUDI PELLFollow the Beast Lost XXIII2022
MSGLong Long Road Universal2022
ALDO NOVAWhen All is Said and Done The Life of Times of Eddie Gage2022
OLIVIER WAELKENSIconique Mélancoolismes2022
KING CROWNFire Burns Again Wake Up Call2022
EVERGREYReawakening A Heartless Portrait2022

28/05/2022 : Carinne, Dominique, Henri-Jean et Quentin - Invités : Manon et Nicolas

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
DEPECHE MODEFreestateUltra1997
VANGELISEnd TitleBlade Runner, music from the motion picture 1982
STAR ONE28 Days (T'ill The End of Time) Revel in time 2022
RUTGER BAUERDerrik's Theme TV & Movies Hits 2014
GENESISFor Absent Friends Nursery Cryme1971
GENESISThe Musical Box  Nursery Cryme1971
ALICE COOPERPoisonClassicks1995
RAMMSTEINArmee Der tristen Zeit2022
THE GREEN VIOLINISTIf I Could Atchafalaya202215/04/2022
DAREFire Never Hades Road To Eden 2022
THE GATHERINGStronger Beautifull Distortion 2022
GHOSTCall Me Little Sunshine Impera2022
KIRK HAMMETMaiden And The Monster Portals2022
CHARLES FOX/ NORMAN GIMBELWonder Woman Opening Theme The Music Of DC Comics 2010
MARIANNE FAITHFULLAs Tears Go By Greatest hits 1987
NAZARETHMind Bomb Surviving The Law 2022
HALLASAdvent Of Dawn Isle Of Wisdom 2022
KATATONIAAshen Mnemosynean2021
MOOSHINE OVERSIGHTA Matter Of Will The Frame 202119/12/2021

21/05/2022 : Valérie et Luc

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
Ozzy Osbourne21st Century Schizoid ManUnder Cover2005
Manfred Mann's Earth BandBlinded by the LightThe Roaring Silence1976
Gae BolgDans la LogeAucassin et Nicolette2005
EpicaConsign to Oblivion - A New Age Dawns #3Consign to Oblivion2005
ChamberLittle DevilGhost Stories and Fairy-Tales2005
Moonshine OversightTear FactoryThe Frame202119/12/2021
GhiribizziFires of HellPanta Rhei2005
O Quam Tristis…Ipsa VivereMéditations Ultimes2005
KellsEtat d'ArmeGaïa2005
NoekkThe Fiery FlowerThe Water Sprite2005
WilderunDistraction IIEpigone2022
The Green ViolinistThe Better Angels of our NatureAtchafalaya - The Opera202215/04/2022
The Legion of HeteriaThe Ancient OnesChoices...2005
ArchiveGoldCall to Arms & Angels2022
Peter Doherty & Frédéric LoThe MonsterThe Fantasy Life of Poetry & Crime2022
Vince & the FriendsGive a Little BitLive @ the Jedinakow Studio2021

14/05/2022 : Collective - les covers - tout le monde et Jean Yves

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
Charles et les LuluLa PalomaCharles et les Lulu1991
Beth HartStaiway to HeavenA Tribute to Led Zeppelin 2022
MachiavelFly (Fly-o)Live1999
Spooky ToothI'am the WalrusThe Last Puff1970
Van HalenBig bad Bill (is sweet William now)Diver Down1982
Moonshine OversightPrevailThe Frame202119/12/2021
AntimatterWelcome to the MachineLive Between the Earth & Clouds2017
VoivodAstronomy DomineNothingface1989
Peter GabrielHeroesScratch my back2010
TransatlanticThe Return of the Giant HogweedThe Whirlind2009
WilderunSeventh Son of a Seventh SonVeil of Imagination2020
Leo MoracchioliHighway to HellMetal Cover2022
René JoliLa Cour du Roi MusicienLa Cour du Roi Musicien1970
The Green ViolinistShed No TearsAtchafalaya - The Opera202215/04/2022
The Flaming LipsSmoke on the WaterRe-Machined: A Tribute to Deep Purple's Machine Head2012
Northern KingsDon't Bring me DownReborn2007
AsiaLocomotive BreathRecollections: A Tribute To British Prog2014
StyxLocomotive BreathBig Bang Theory2005
Voodoo DrummerSet the Control
Sex PistolsSubstituteThe Great Rock'n'roll Swindle1979
Iron MaidenCross-Eyed MaryFirst Ten Years1990
EpicaPirates of CarribeanClassical Conspiracy2009
Scissor SistersConfortably NumbFilthy & Gorgeous2003
John Mc BainLondon Calling
DisturbedThe Sound of SilenceImmortalized2015

07/05/2022 : Valérie, Fabien et Luc

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
Les Copines D'AbordLes Copains d'AbordHommage à Brassens2021
Maciej MellerFoxZenith acoustic2022
The GuildmasterAgoraLiber de Dictis2022
Richard BarbieriDarkness Will Find YouUnder A Spell202103/08/2021
IAHTTC (If Anything Happens to the Cat)Aloha from HeavenKingdom of Roots2020
Moonshine OversightOthersThe Frame202119/12/2021
Von Hertzen BrothersPeace PatrolRed Alert in the Blue Forest2022
GggoldddStrawberry SupperThis Shame Should Not Be Mine2022
Kjell BraatenVerstarvegFerd2020
Alco FrisbassLe Mystère du Gué PucelleLe Mystère du Gué Pucelle202217/01/2022
KarciusParasiteGrey White Silver Yellow and Gold2022
Alamaailman VasaratKivitetty SaatanaKaarmelautakunta2003
The Green ViolinistMy Solitude PartAtchafalaya - The Opera202215/04/2022
MetamorphosisMore is LessI'm Not A Hero202128/09/2021

30/04/2022 : Carinne, Dominique, Quentin et Henri-Jean

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
ArnoLola Etc... Charles Ernest2002
BLEEDSKINPhysical RedemptionPhysical Redemption2021
NOVEMBER 7SommeSomme2022
JETHRO TULLMother GoozeAqualung1971
JETHRO TULLMy GodAqualung1971
JETHRO TULLThe Betrayal Of Joshua KyndeThe Zealot gene202218/03/2022
PHANTOM ELITEThe Race Titanium2021
ATTRACTION THEORYTo France Principia2017
DIABULUS IN MUSICARace To Equilibrium Euphonic Entropy2020
NIGHTMARETemple Of AcharonAeternam2020
MAYANBurn Your Witches Antagonise2014
TARJAPromisesIn The Raw2019
IKE & TINA TURNERI Want To Take You Higher Come Together1970
IKE & TINA TURNERProud Mary Workin'Together1970
SILENT UTOPIASheltered From The RainEmbrace The Shadows2019
DEATHLESS LEGACYLegion Of The Night Legion Of The Night 2021
LACUNA COILZombiesBroken Crown Halo2014
MARILLIONMurder MachinesAn Hour Before It's Dark202206/04/2022

23/04/2022 : Dominique

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
Pink FloydHey Hey  Rise UpHey Hey  Rise Up2022
Pierre Rapsatun dimanche en automnePassager d'un soir1996
Anneke Van GiersbergenShores of IndiaSymphonized live 20182018
The GatheringStrange machineMandylion1995
MarillionThe crow and the nightingaleAn Hour Before It's Dark202206/04/2022
Gaspachodream of stoneNight2007
Jethro Tullmine is the mountainThe Zealot Gene202218/03/2022
Uriah heepThe magician's birthdayThe magician's birthday1972
David Gilmour EchoesLive In Gdańsk                                             2008
IQfurther awayEver1993
Neal Morse Banddo it all againInnocence & Danger2021

16/04/2022 : Carinne, Dominique et Henri-Jean

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
PINK FLOYD (Feat. Andriy Khlyvnyuk)Hey Hey  Rise UpHey Hey  Rise Up2022
FOO FIGHTERSHave It AllOne By One2002
Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The ConspiratorsSpirit love42022
PRAYING MANTISThe devil Never ChangeKatharsis2022
GIANT Never Die YoungShifting Time2022
LANA LANELady Moongreen  Neptune Blue2022
LIONVILLEThis TimeSo Close To Heaven2022
SIMPLE  MINDSBelfast ChildStreet Fighting Years1989
EDGE OF FOREVERAnother Salvation  Seminole2022
MARILLIONBe hard on Yourself Part3, You Can LearnAn Hour Before It's Dark202206/04/2022
Out Of This WorldThe WarriorOut Of This World2021
STEVE VAIAvalancheInviolate2022
MAX PIEA Thousand And One LivesPassengers2021
MAGNUMCome Holy MenThe Monster Roars2022
JETHRO TULLThe Zealot GeneThe Zealot Gene202218/03/2022
SANDSTONEWorn SoulEpsilon Sky2021
TONY MARTINBook Of ShadowsThorns2022
HAMMERFALLBrotherhood  Hammer Of Dawn2022
BATTLE BEASTCircus Of DoomCircus Of Doom2022
ASHES OF ARESPrimed  Emperors And Fools2022

09/04/2022 : Valérie et Luc (Il y a une interview Prog Censor pour XCIII !)

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
Antony KaluginExceptional Chamel BallardChameleon Shapeshifter2021
Nanna BarslevAskrLybaerer2021
Et CeteraEntre Chien et LoupEt Cetera1976
Star OneA Hand on the ClockRevel in Time2022
MarillionReprogram The Gene (I Invincible)An Hour Before It's Dark202206/04/2022
Pauline JulienBozo-les-CulottesQuébec Love1993
Robert CharleboisLe RévoltéSolidaritude1973
SilhouetteInterludeLes Retranchements2022
D'Virgilio Morse JenningsA Change is Gonna ComeTroika2022
Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungWoodstockDéjà Vu1970
Rosalie CunninghamDuetTwo Piece Puzzle2022
Jethro TullMine is the MountainThe Zealot Gene202218/03/2022
Les Copines d'AbordSupplique pour être enterré à la plage de SèteHommage à Brassens2021
Diablo Swing OrchestraCelebremos lo InevitableWagger & Stroll down the Rabbitt Hole2021
HFMCYokoWe Are the Truth202128/02/2022
Gabriel KellerSonate au Clair ObscurClair Obscur202228/03/2022

02/04/2022 : Dominique et Fabien

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
Mt. AmberFly awayAnother Moon201929/07/2019
Pattern-Seeking AnimalsI can't stay here anymoreOnly passing through2022
GenesisTonight tonight tonightThe last Domino ?2021
KarciusParasiteGrey white silver yellow and gold2022
Jethro TullMrs TibbetsThe zealot Gene202218/03/2022
Diablo Swing OrchestraWar painted ValentineWagger & Stroll down the Rabbitt Hole2021
TThe same old EverythingPareldoliving2022
MetamorphosisI will leave tonightI'm not a Hero202128/09/2021
Tim Bowness & Giancarlo ErraBefore we fallMemories of Machines2022
Wild TurkeyPretty good YearThis Here Show2003
HillwardDeafen the VoidAlternate Timelines202101/06/2021
D'Virgilio Morse JenningsEverything I amTroika 2022
MarillionCare IV ( Angels on Earth )An Hour before it's dark2022
Kaprekar's ConstantTall Tales by FirelightThe Murder Wall2022

26/03/2022 : Valérie et Luc

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
Shiva the DestructorHydronautFind the Others202105/02/2022
Monarch TrailAll Kind of FuturesWither Down202102/03/2022
It's a Beautiful DayBulgariaIt's a Beautiful Day1969
Red SandI Can Feel ItThe Sound of the Seventh Bell202122/11/2021
Monster MagnetBorn to GoA Better Dystopia2021

WestlynBelieve in LoveGardens2020
Mauro PawlowskiLeaving MontreuxEternal Sunday Drive2021
Cecilia::EyesParenthesisSore Memories Always End202121/03/2022
Vince & the FriendsMon Bistrot PréféréLive @ the Jedinakow Studio2022
Alek et les JaponaisesBienvenueOjamashimasu2010
Anna Von HausswolffThe Mysterious Vanishing of ElectraLive at Montreux Jazz Festival2022
Zeal & ArdorGolden LiarZeal & Ardor2022
TersivelSheTo the Orphic Void2022
WanhedaLucid AntidoteDesert of Real2022
KornmoMega AnnumFimbulvinter202123/01/2022
Wax MekanixGhostlandMobocracy202024/09/2021

19/03/2022 : Carinne, Valérie, Dominique, Henri-Jean, Fabien et Luc - Invité : Meet de The Green Violinist pour la sortie de l'album Atchafalaya-The Opera - Des photos ici ! Pour acquérir cc CD, envoyez un mail à Meet

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
The Green ViolinistThe better Angels of our NatureAtchafalaya2022
Bjorn RiisDescendingEverything to Everyone2022
Meat LoafBlind as a BatBat out of Hell III2006
Wax MekanixMad WorldMobocarcy202024/09/2021
The Green ViolinistHolodomor part 1Atchafalaya2022
Tori Amos29 YearsOcean to Ocean2021
Major ParkinsonStrawberry SuicideA Night at the Library2022
The Green ViolinistShed no TearsAtchafalaya2022
GazpachoHourglassFireworking at St- Croix2022
Alessandro CorvagliaPromised LandOut of the Gate202114/10/2021
The Green ViolinistIf I couldAtchafalaya2022
MarillionThe Crow and the NightingaleAn Hour before it's dark2022
The Flower KingsLetterBy Royal Decree2022
Barclay James HarvestParaiso dos cavalosRing of Changes1983
The Green ViolinistTen YearsAtchafalaya2022

12/03/2022 : Quentin, Dominique et Henri-Jean - Invité Amaury De Menten, le bassiste du groupe prog-rock Hammer Jam-Her

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
QUEENS OF THE STONE AGEGod Is In The RadioSongs For The Deaf2002
ELDOVARFrom Deep WithinA Story Of Darkness And Light2021
HAMMER JAM HERPorn Mo Written With A Nail2019
HAMMER JAM HERRobert Has A Little Crush On John Written With A Nail2019
WOLVESPIRITChange The World  Change The World  2022
LALUThe Chosen OnesPaint The Sky2022
VIVALDI METAL PROJECTPower Take Hold  Epiclassica
THE QUILLMount Everest  Live, New, Borrowed, Blue2022
HAMMER JAM HERCum Sucking Freak Written With A Nail2019
WAX MECHANIXBlackMobocracy202024/09/2021
WESTLYNLike A GhostGardens2020
SCORPIONSSeventh SunRock Believer2022
VOIVODSynchro AnarchySynchro Anarchy2022

05/03/2022 : Valérie - Spéciale chanteuses

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
L'Ame ImmortelleLetting goAls die Liebe Starb2002
Les FunambulesFemina indexElles2021
The Last EmbraceMotherInside2006
Arch EnemyThe Eagle Flies AloneWill To Power2017
Les copines d'abord (Anne Sila & Nina Louise)La non demande en mariageHommage à Brassens2021
WestlynDeepest Winter SnowGardens2020
Burning WitchesFlyght Of The ValkyriesThe Witch Of The North2021
Charlotte GainsbourgKateRest2017
Collection d'Arnell-AndréaLes Sombres Plis De l'AmeExposition : eaux-fortes et méandres2007
SylvaineAtoms Aligned, Coming UndoneAtoms Aligned, Coming Undone2018
Black MirrorsGünther KimmichLook Into The Black Mirror2018
KeltiaLa Blanche BicheLes Métamorphoses2009
RobertL'appel de la succubePrincesse de rien2000
Marianne FaithfullWorking Class HeroBroken English1979
Wax MekanixBlood in My EyesMobocracy202024/09/2021
Dom La NenaTodo Tienne su FinTempo2021
Die Verbannten Kinder EvasMistrustDusk And Void Became Alive2006
Converge & Chelsea WolfeScorpion's StingBloodmoon2021

26/02/2022 : Luc

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
Transport AerianLunaticSkywound202116/02/2022
Fabulae DramatisSmoke for the Clouds (Ahuiran's Water)Solar Time's Fables2016
Diablo Swing OrchestraLes InvulnérablesSwagger & Stroll Down the Rabbit2021
SaenaPor El Aire Vino Por El Mar Se FueDias Eternos2021
City WeezleMaestro MafiosoN° 22021
Pierrot LunaireSotto I PontiPierrot Lunaire1974
Jarvis CockerRequiem Pour un ConChansons d'Ennui Tip-Top2021
Elvis Costello & the ImpostersThe Man Who Love to HateThe Boy Named If2022
Opera DiabolicusA Song of DetestationDeath on a Pale Horse2021
MastodonGigantiumHushed and Grim2021
CynicArchitects of ConsciousnessAscension Codes202113/03/2021
Anne SylvestreV'là l'Printemps GnangnanUne Sorcière Comme les Autres1975
Anne SylvestreLa Vache EngagéeUne Sorcière Comme les Autres1975

19/02/2022 : Dominique et Fabien

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
Jethro TullThe Zealot GeneThe Zealot Gene2022
StyxTo ThoseCrash of the Crown202110/09/2021
Big Big TrainThe Connection PlanWelcome to the Planet2022
Stefano PanunziThe AwakeningBeyond the Illusion202112/06/2021
Kalle WallnerOneVoices2022
MastodonSkeleton of SplendorHushed and Grim2021
Maciej MellerFrozenZenith Acoustic2021
Godspeed You ! Black EmperorFire at static ValleyG d's Pee A...202115/06/2021
Odin DragonflyCircling RavensSirens2022
Moonshine OversightGhostsThe Frame202119/12/2021
Lisa GerrardGood Morning indian CountryA Thousand Roads2005
Xavier BoscherSeen from SpaceSkyscapes2022
SparksSo may we startAnnette202115/10/2021
Road TripStation in the SkyMerry go round2021
Bent KneeInvest in BreakfastFrosting2021
NosoundPlaces remainedThis Night ( Live in Veruno )2021
GlasshammerAnthem to AndorathSkallagrim into the Breach202101/02/2022
Dave BrainbridgeRain and Sun12 (BP)- To the far away2021
BreskNapoleonic Wartime OvertureA Journey through the Life of Peder2022

12/02/2022 : Quentin, Dominique, Henri-Jean - Invité Geert Fiew de Beyond the Labyrinth

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
HEARTLANDA Dangerous GameInto The Future2021
KISSIN' DYNAMITEI've Got The FireLiving In The Fastlane, The Best Of2021
TEMPERANCEBlack Is My HeartDiamanti2021
BEYOND THE LABYRINTHFalcon EyeXXV202109/01/2022
BEYOND THE LABYRINTHIn Flanders FieldsSigns2005
CRAZY LIXXReach Out  Street Lethal 2021
ETERNAL FLIGHTYou And I  Survive2021
EDGE OF PARADISETidal Wave  The Unknow2021
BEYOND THE LABYRINTHUp There The Sky  XXV202109/01/2022
BEYOND THE LABYRINTHLong Way Home  XXV202109/01/2022
ELDRITCHNo Obscurity  Eos2021
MASTODONTear Drinker  Hushed and Grim2021
BEYOND THE LABYRINTHBeyond The Labyrinth  Castles in the Sand2008

05/02/2022 : Valérie et Luc

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
Ton ScherpenzeelVelvet ArmourVelvet Armour202107/01/2022
Samla Mammas MannaAndra IkarienKaka1999
Mael MordhaI Am the Wench's BaneCluain Tarbh2005
Morte MacabreSequenza Ritmica EtemaSymphonic Holocaust1998
Dom La NenaTeu CoraçãoTempo2021
PinhdarGlass SoulParallel202120/09/2021
The SlitsInstant HitCut1979
Kiss the Anus of the Black CatHarrow Hewers Of Wood And Drawers Of Water2010
Dave Gahan & SoulsaversI Held My Baby Last NightImposter2021
Elli & JacnoOn Dit des ChosesTout Va Sauter1980
NordagustElegyIn the Mist of Morning2010
MastodonMore Than I Could ChewHushed and Grim2021
Natural SpiritLullabySita Rosa2008
GnidrologShipLady Lake1972
Les Chants de NihilMa Doctrine, Ta VanitéLe Tyran & l'Esthète2021
K2The Edge of LightBook of the Dead2004
Pili CoïtTaïra no TomoriLove Everywhere202101/01/2022
Electric WizardHear the Sirens ScreamWizard Bloody Wizard2017
QirshAer GravisAspera Tempora- Parte 1202026/01/2021

29/01/2022 : Valérie, Fabien et Luc - Top 2021 : Le haut du panier

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg CensorPos
Meat LoafHeaven Can WaitBat Out of Hell1977
Mammoth WVHMr. EdMammoth WVH20215
Big Big TrainBlack With InkCommon Ground202112/10/20215
La Stanza delle MascherePresenzaLa Stanza delle Maschere202117/05/20215
Dream TheaterSleeping GiantA View From the Top of the World202130/11/2021
MastodonThe BeastUshed and Grim20214
Billy F. GibbonsSpanish FlyHardware20214
ShamblemathsThis RiverII202119/01/20224
Onsegen EnsembleNon-returnerFear202114/03/20214
Ward XVIBurn the WitchMetamorphosis202104/04/20213
Lee AbrahamThe Hands of TimeOnly Human202124/11/20212
Iron MaidenDeath of the CeltsSenjutsu202103/10/20211
RPWLHole in the Sky, Pt 1: Fly (Live)God Has Failed Live & Personal20211

22/01/2022 : Dom, Quentin et Henri-Jean

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
Meat LoafThe Monster is LooseBat out Of Hell III2006
Deep PurpleWhite Room Turning To Crime2021
Ian GillanWhen The Blind Man CriesLive In Mannheim1985
WolfmotherHumbleRock Out2021
VictoryOn FireGods Of Tomorrow2021
Glenn HughesYou Keep On Movin' Live1975
L.A. GUNSBad Luck CharmCheckered Past2021
JERRY CANTRELLAtoneBrighten2021
BLACK LABEL SOCIETYYou Made Me Want To LiveDoom Crew Inc.2021
Alice CooperHalo Of FliesKiller1971
Alice CooperKillerKiller1971
Alice CooperSchools Out  Live 781990
VolbeatThe Sacred StonesServant Of The Mind2021
The Tea PartySummertimeBlood Moon Rising2021
Lee AbrahamCounting Down Part 3: I Want Out Only Human202124/11/2021
NorthtaleThe Land Of Mystic RitesEternal Flame2021
Dream TheaterInvisible MonsterA View From The Top of The World202130/11/2021

15/01/2022 : Fabien et Dom - Invité : Jean-Yves - Top 2021, 1ère partie

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg CensorPos
Greta Van FleetBroken BallsThe Battle at Garden's Gate202127/05/20218
MoonspellThe Greater GoodHermitage20217
The Black KeysPoor Boy a long Way from HomeDelta Kream20217
Beyond the LabyrinthRise aboveXXV202109/01/2022
Dream TheatreAnswering the CallA View from the Top of the World202130/11/20216
The WatchThe FishermanThe Art of Bleeding202126/11/20216
AmartiaCloud 9Daylight Beauty202131/03/20216
Mr BungleRaping your MindThe Night they came Home20216
Lee AbrahamThe Hands of TimeOnly Human202124/11/2021
Lisa Gerrard & J. MaxwellOrionBurn20215
Steve HackettThe Devil's CathedralSurrender of Silence202113/10/20215

08/01/2022 : Valérie et Luc

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
FragileThe Golden Ring of TimeBeyond202105/10/2021
Elder & KadavarRaspletinEldovar - A Story of Darkness & Light2021
Robert Plant & Alison KraussThe Price of LoveRaise the Roof2021
George HarrisonIs'nt It A PityAll Things Must Pass1970
MagmaKobaïaEskähl 2020 : Bordeaux - Toulouse - Perpignan2021
Lee AbrahamFalling ApartOnly Human202124/11/2021
Neil Young & Crazy HorseHuman RaceBarn2021
Bruce Springsteen & E Street BandBorn to RunThe Legendary 1979 No Nukes Concerts2021
LindStrange WatersA Hundred Years - The Justification of Reality Part I2021
Mona Lisa 2020Le Bal des NazesVincent & Mona202130/08/2021
Dream TheaterTranscending TimeA View From the Top of the World202130/11/2021
EmigrateI Will Let You GoThe Persistence of Memory2021
ConvergeBlood DawnBloodmoon I2021
David BowieDirty BoysThe Next Day2013