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20/05/2023 : Spéciale 1973 : Valérie, Fabien, Luc, Invités : Bernard Dagnies, Jean-Claude Mondo, interview : Piero Kenroll

Amon Düül IIDeutch NepalWolf City
JonesySongKeeping up
AngeAujourd'hui, c'est la fête chez l'apprenti sorcierLe cimetière des Arlequins
Arthur Brown's Kingdom ComeSpirit of JoyJourney
JaneOut in the RainHere We are
Kevin AyersInterviewBananamour
Manfred Mann's Earth BandFather of Day, Father of NightSolar Fire
CarmenBuleriasFandangos in Space
ELPToccataBrain Salad Surgery
Brian EnoBlank FrankHere come the warm Jets (part 2 )
Onsegen EnsembleAbyssal SunRealms
GenesisDancing with the Moonlight KnightSelling England by the Pound
Gentle GiantKnots Octopus
GongWitch's Song/ I am your PussyFlying Teapot
Peter Hammill(In the) black Room(In the) black Room
King CrimsonLark's Tongues in Aspic - part 2Lark's Tongues in Aspic
Led ZeppelinD'Yer Mak'erHouses of the Holy
PFMRiver of LifePhotos of Ghosts
Pierre RapsatNew York ( civilisation )New York
MagmaDa Zeuhl Wortz MëkanïkMëkanik Destruktiw Kommandöh
Pink FloydThe great Gig in the SkyDark Side of the Moon
Roxy MusicEditions of YouFor your Pleasure
Frank Zappa & the Mothers of InventionZomby WoofOver-nite Sensation

13/05/2023 : Valérie et Luc

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
The Pop GroupShe is beyond good and evilY1979
Pierre RapsatJohnSaisons1981
EsperantoStatue of LibertyRock Orchestra1973
Bruce SpringsteenRosalita (Come Out Tonight)The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Suffle1973
Rolling StonesComing Down AgainGoats Head Soup1973
Acqua FragileEducation StoryAcqua Fragile1973
Onségen EnsembleNaked SkyRealms2022
YesterdaysRajzolj átSaint-Exupéry álma202226-01-23
ZoppBushnell KeelerDominion2022
SyndoneYou Still ShineKama Sutra2021
HakenElephants Never ForgetFauna202330-03-23
GaupaMy Sister is a Very Hangry ManMyriad2022
The AbbeyOld OnesWord of Sin2023
John LennonMindgamesMindgames1973
Jane BirkinMon Amour BaiserDi Doo Dah1973
Waldo de los RiosNabucco1973
Stone et ChardenMade in Normandie

06/05/2023 : Fabien

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
Evil Love MuleNo PanaceaMobius Trip2022
Red SandThe Sound of the 7th Bell pt2The Sound of the Seventh Bell202122/11/2021
Final Conflict  Four DomainsThe Rise of the Artisan202022/06/2020
CollageWhat about the PainOver and Out  202220/02/2023
It BitesWallflowerMap of the Past 2021
DeusPiratesHow to replace it2023
Alan ParsonsGames People playThe neverending Show- Live in the Netherlands2021
ImaginaeriumGlass ThroneThe Rise of Medicis202213/10/2022
MilleniumGluttonyThe Sin2020
John HackettRed HairWe are not alone2022
Berlin HeartSolarThe Low Summit202221/12/2022
Onsegen EnsembleThe Ground of BeingRealms202212/01/2023
Dead ChicLes Fleurs séchéesThe Venus Ballroom2023
SolsticeA new DayLive in Veruno2023
Sparks with FFSLittle Guy from the SuburbsFFS2015
ELORoll over Beethoven21973
Uriah HeepStealin'Sweet Freedom1973
Pierre PerretLe PlombierCasino de Paris 971997

15/04/2023 : Valérie et Luc

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
The Aristocrats Ohhhh NooooThe Aristocrats with Primuz Chamber Orchestra202218-02-23
The NecromancersOrchardWhere the Void Rose2021
Verbal DeliriumThe Children of WaterConundrum2022
Lunatic SoulThrough Shaded WoodsThrough Shaded Woods202007-12-20
An'hedonyaLe Cri du VentIll'usions202224-02-23
Caravela EscarlateCastelos do CéuIII202207-04-23
RomeSolar CaesarHegemonikon2022
KongRadianceTraders of Truth2023
Lindy-Fay Hella & Dei FarneOtherworldHildring2021
Franck Carducci & Mary ReynaudArtificial ParadisesNaked2023
MessaThe Hour of the WolfBelfry2016
BanzaïThe Dwarf…That Little Tree2016
KauanFöhnATM Revised2023
BanzaïHattrickHora Nota1974

08/04/2023 : Fabien

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
Deaton Lemay ProjectEarthThe Fifth Element2022
SignsZero GravityUchronia2022
HakenSempiternal BeingsFauna202330/03/2023
KarfagenLabyrinthLive in France 20122022
Mad FellazTuareg's DanceRoad to Planet Circus2022
Caravela EscarlateBussola do TempoIII202207/04/2023
TransatlanticThe Darkness in the LightThe Final Flight - Live At L'Olympia202331/03/2023
Frankie & the WitchfingersSweet FreakMonsters eating People eating Monsters2020
Ryuichi SakamotoForbidden ColoursFuryo1983
ArenaThe EquationThe Theory of molecular Inheritance202310/10/2022
DeusHow to replace itHow to replace it2023
Mostly AutumnThis endless WarBack in these Arms2022
Jethro TullAqualungA(la mode) 40th Edition2021
Built for the FutureCity of the SunBrave new World2020
GenesisThe Return of the Giant HogweedRadio Sessions 1970-19722020

01/04/2023 : Valérie et Luc

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
The RivenDeathPeace and Conflict2022
EmoleculeMastermindThe Architect2023
6:33Prime FocusFeary Tales For Strange Lullabies2021
HarmoniumDepuis l'automneSi on avait besoin d'une cinquième Saison1975
Virgil & Steve HoweLunar MistLunar Mist2022
Caravela EscarlateSonhos MedievaisIII2022
Grandma's AshesCruel NatureThis Too Shall Pass2023
CollageMan in the MiddleOver and Out202220-02-23
Limite Acque SicureIl Respiro dell' AnimaLimite Acque Sicure202201-02-23
SunchildNorthern SkiesExotic Creatures and a Stolen Dream2022
MindgamesRoyalty in JeopardyActors In a Play2006
Cult of LunaInto the NightThe Long Road North2022
Noisy DinersThe Weak FogThe Princess of the Allen Keys2021

11/03/2023 : Valérie, Luc - Invités : Sylvie Roge et Olivier Grenson

Amy WinehouseBack To BlackBack To Black2007
MuseMuscle MuseumShowbizz1999
TaminoIndigo NightAmir2018
Aurélie SaadaLa grange aux bellesBombolini2022
MDS (Monnaie de Singe)Three Days In HellThe Story Of Rose Ola Seks2021
CascadeurThe EndThe Human Octopus2011
LioMona LisaLes Pop Songs2005
VenusWanda WulzVertigone2003
InfinitomeDream of LifeBeyond The Beyond2022
Nina SimoneAin't got no, I got lifeNuff Said !1968
Léonard CohenEverybody KnowsI'm Your Man1988
CalexicoVictor Jara'HandsCarried To Dust2008

04/03/2023 : Valérie et Luc - Spéciale chanteuses

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
Black MirrorsHateful Hate, I'll Kill YouTomorrow Will Be Without Us 2022
RusalkaHistoriaDuch Jeziora2017
Aurélie SaadaEntre danse et combatBomboloni2022
Charlotte WesselsCry Little SisterTales From Six Feet Under Vol I2022
EpicaSirens - Of Blood And WaterThe Alchemy Project2022
InfinitomeBeyond Mars : Third MovementBeyond The Beyond2022
AuriI Hope Your World Is KindAuri2018
Agnès BihlFaîtes l'amour pas la vaisselle36 heures dans la vie d'une femme    (parce que 24, c'est pas assez)2013
Nathalie CardoneHasta SiempreNathalie Cardone1997
The Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices featuring Lisa GerrardPora SotundaBoocheemish2018
Claire DiterziAu salon des refuséesLe salon des refusées2012
Cult Of Luna and Julie ChristmasThe Wreck Of S.S. NeedleMariner2016
EluvetieOgmiosEvocation II -Pantheon2017
Lucifer California SonII2018
MDS (Monnaie De Singe)Rose Ola SeksThe Story Of Rose Ola Seks202103/03/2022
Janis JoplinA Woman Left LonelyPearl1999
Diablo Swing OrchestraOuverture To CeasefireZwagger & Stroll Down The Rabbit Hole202117/04/2022
Scala and Kolacny BrothersLe vent nous porteraEt si on était des anges2015

18/02/2023 : Fabien

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
RiversideFriends of Foe ?ID.Entity202306/02/2023
Devin TownsendMoonpeopleLightwork202219/12/2022
FlectorTime has comeLeaving the World2022
ArenaPure of HeartThe Theory of molecular Inheritance2022
EmbryoBeshAuf Auf202122/01/2022
Hypnos 69Deus ex MachinaThe eclectic Measure2006
The Samurai of ProgThe three Snake-LeavesThe Lady and the Lion202121/12/2021
AntimatterFoldA Profusion of Thought202210/02/2023
Dennis De YoungThere's no turning back Time26 East, vol 22021
Haven of EchoesLet them inThe indifferent Stars202214/12/2022
Flying CircusNever againSeasons 252022
TransatlanticThe World we used to knowThe final Flight-Live at L'Olympia2023
Final ConflictA Clockwork HeroThe Rise of the Artisan202022/06/2020
GmBt Life10 Minutes10 Minutes2022

11/02/2023 : Valérie et Luc

Oceans of SlumberSalvationStarlight and Ash202229-09-22
LazuliLa Bétaillère112023
OdessaRasoiL'Alba della Civilta202219-01-23
Amon AcidDemolition WaveCosmogony202223-12-22
Swallow the SunMoonflowers Bloom in MiseryMoonflowers2022
Ghost of the MachineJanuary's ChildScissorgames202225-08-22
AdamoI'm not in Love (J'dis pas qu'je t'aime)In French Please!2023
Ozric TentaclesAumriffLive Ethereal Cereal2022
Gaahls WyrdThe SleepThe Humming Mountain2021
Haven of EchoesStasisThe Indifferent Stars202214-12-22
FireballetIt's About TimeNight in Bald Mountain1975
SoledadSun of JuneCatharsis2019
Pensées NocturnesLe Tango du VieulonisteDouce Fange2022
ThresholdThe Domino EffectDividing Lines2022
Fearful SymmetryThe Song of the SirenThe Difficult Second202224-11-22
Todd RundgrenThe Spark of LifeTodd1974
Thinking PlagueLux LucetA History of Madness2003

04/02/2023 : Fabien

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
Rick WakemanThe North PlainThe Red Planet202030/10/2020
Retreat from MoscowHomeThe World As We Knew It202211/05/2022
King CrimsonStarlessMusic is our Friend2021
MachiavelSix Feet underPhoenix202224/10/2022
ByrdsEverybody's been burnedThe Byrds Collection1987
25 Yard ScreamerAdriftNemesis202213/01/2023
Mangala VallisCall me AliasLycanthrope2005
Flying CircusInterior MonologueSeasons 252022
Haven of EchoesThe Lord Giveth...The indifferent Stars202214/12/2022
AntimatterEntheogenA Profusion of Thought202210/02/2023
GongA Sprinkling of CloudsLive at the Gong Family unconventional Gathering2021

28/01/2023 : Valérie et Luc

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
ClarikaRien de Tel (Qu'une Petite Chanson)Moi en Mieux2009
AmAndALa Maison de FloreLa Maison de Flore2007
OpensightPlot TwistMondo Fiction202224-04-22
KaipaWilderness ExcursionUrskog202229-07-22
God Is An AstronautLost SymphonyThe Beginning of the End2022
Kimmo PörstiPast and PresentPast and Present202226-05-22
Project: PatchworkWeeks of SorrowUltima Ratio202231-05-22
Adrian BorlandBefore the Day Begins5:00 AM2022
RealiseaMalgré les VaguesFairly Carefree2022
OakDemagogue CommunionThe Quiet Rebellion of Compromise202231-12-22
LazuliLe Repas de l'OgreEn Avant Doute2006
SparksStrange AnimalExotic Creatures of the Deep2008
Glass HammerAll For LoveAt the Gate2022
GalahadOmega LightsThe Last Great Adventurer2022
AmAndABlondeLa Maison de Flore2007

14/01/2023 : Top 2022 - Carinne, Valérie, Jean-Yves, Henri-Jean, Quentin, Fabien et Luc

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg CensorPlace
SylvaineNowhere, Still SomewhereNova202217-07-2216
PinhdarParallelTales From Imaginary Movies202220-09-2115
Moonshine OversightRemembranceParallel202214
Pattern-Seeking AnimalsRock Papper ScissorsOnly Passing Through202201-06-2211
The Green ViolinistShed No TearsAtchafalaya - The Opera202215-04-2210
Pure Reason RevolutionOur PrismAbove Cirrus202227-06-229
MastodonTeardrinkerHushed and Grim20228
OakQuiet RebellionThe Quiet Rebellion of Compromise202231-12-22
Jonas Lindberg & the Other SideWhy I'm HereMiles From Nowhere202218-05-227
ScorpionsWhen I Lay My Bones to RestRock Believer20226
Jethro TullThe Betrayal of Joshua KyndeThe Zealot Gene202218-03-225
Dream TheaterTranscending TimeA View From the top of the World202230-11-214
Ozzy OsbourneNo Escape From NowPatient Number 920223
MarillionThe Crow and the NightingaleAn Hour Before It's Dark202206-04-222
Lee AbrahamOnly HumanOnly Human202224-11-211
Roger Waters (Jeff Beck)Ballad of Bill HubardAmused to Death1992
MuseKill or be killedWill of the People2022
Giant SkyNo Cancelling ThisGiant Sky202228-07-22
The Flower KingsWorld Gone CrazyBy Royal Decree202223-05-22
ARDTake Up My BonesTake Up My Bones2022
ArnoMon Grand-PèreOpex2022
Porcupine TreeRats ReturnClosure / Continuation202225-07-22
VoivodSynchro AnarchySynchro Anarchy2022
Dirty ShirtDope-A-MinGet Your Dose Now!202203-09-22

07/01/2023 : Valérie et Luc

ArtisteTitreAlbumAnnéeProg Censor
Stephan EicherAutour de ton CouOde2022
Bruce SpringsteenWhen She Was My GirlOnly the Strong Survive2022
MilleniumA World Full of SpiesTales From Imaginary Movies202229-12-22
Years AfterLes MontagnesYears After202223-04-22
SanhedrinCode BlueLights On2022
Black MirrorsAnthropoceneTomorrow Will be Without Us2022
Tangerine DreamAlong the CanalRaum2022
Skeptical MindsAwakeningKharon
And Alsto the TreesLast of LarkspursThe Bone Carver2022
OakDreamless SleepThe Quiet Rebellion of Compromise2022
ArenaUnder the MicroscopeThe Theory of Molecular Inheritance202210-10-22
AmorphisThe WolfHalo2022
DisillusionFrom the EmbersAyam2022
The RivenDeathPeace and Conflict2022
Michel PolnareffHolydaysPolnareff Chante Polnareff2022
ReminaIcarus SignalStrata2022
The LiminanasOne Blood CircleElectrified2022
SuedeWhat Am I Without You?Autofiction2022
InsomniumThe ConjurerArgent Moon2021